M&S Collision Centers features full service auto body repair, painting and detailing.  At our two locations, we feature the following services:

Auto Body Repair

It’s always an unfortunate and upsetting time when your car is damaged. You take great pride in your car and invest a lot of money into it. When it’s damaged, you almost feel like the way people look at you will have changed. Whether your car has sustained minor damage or even more damage to it’s body, M&S Collision Centers are the specialists at making your car look like new once again. Our team of auto body repair specialists will inspect the damage from front to back; ensuring that your repairs not only handle the visible damages, but additional faults that may be unseen and, ultimately, unsafe. Regardless of if you car was slightly dented in a parking lot or involved in a moving vehicle collision, M&S Collision Centers are ready to transform your car or truck back to tip top shape. Call us today for an estimate.

Automotive Paint

The difference between a nice looking vehicle and one that really stands out from the crowd is almost always the quality of the paint job. For many car and truck owners, scratches or accidents make a seemingly unrepairable downgrade to a vehicle’s appearance. At M&S Collision Centers, we are the best in the area at paint restoration as well as providing a brand new finish to your vehicle. Our team of specialists are skilled at all facets of automotive painting, ranging from the correction of the smallest scratches through the restoration of a customized paint job from a more serious accident. We will not only match the paint job that you previously had, but in many cases our team of experts will exceed the quality and the finish your vehicle had when you arrived at M&S Collision Centers. Call us today for an estimate on your next car or truck paint job.

Mechanical Repair

Mechanical repairs are the number one reason most people call M&S Collision Centers. So many times, your vehicle is making a strange noise or just not performing correctly, but you don’t have the experience or the expertise to diagnose and fix your vehicle’s problem. At M&S Collision Centers, our highly trained technicians not only will diagnose your vehicle’s mechanical problems, but have the expertise to fix it immediately. We give your vehicle’s issue one the most thorough diagnostic tests in our field to ensure we fully understand both your current issue as well as any further issues the repairs may cause. Our technicians are the some of the most talented and knowledgeable mechanics in the area, and their work is highly rated with all of our customers. Whether your car won’t start or your engine is making a strange knocking sound, M&S Collision Centers should be your first call to correct the problem.


We’ve all had the same experience in the past. You go in to get some work done on your car. You get an estiimate of $400, which hurts but is acceptable to you. A couple of days pass and you get the bill. $766.73! It is, without question, the one thing in the world of automotive repair that creates bad feelings between an automotive shop and it’s customers. At M&S Collision, it’s our goal to create an estimate that’s as close to your final total as possible; to ensure there is no “sticker shock” at the end of your repair work. Our certified team are some of the most experienced in the area; professionals who know the insides and outs of your repairs and can use this experience to come up with an estimate that will come closer to the final cost than most in our industry. If you want the best estimate on your repairs prior to beginning any new work, then you need to bring your car or truck into M&S Collision Centers today.

Automotive Detailing

A great paint job can really make your vehicle “pop” when other people look at it, but nothing sets it apart from the rest of the pack like high quality auto detailing does. When you have M&S Collision take on the job of detailing your vehicle, you can count on having it returned to you at show level quality. Our technicians take great pride in their work, using their experience to provide award winning interior and exterior cleaning, polishing and waxing of your automobile. Regardless of your needs - be it an interior restored to new car quality or a blinding shine being added to your chrome rims, M&S Collision are your number one auto detailer in all of Indiana. Call us today to discuss your detailing needs and to schedule an appointment.

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